My three months of “normal”



The rest of the summer continued “normally”. As a pregnant horticulturist in the middle of a wicked hot summer, I found that my best friend was my camel bak backpack! I had that thing on at all times and it was the only way I was able to stay hydrated. I swear i’m not their spokeswoman, but that thing saved me. It wasn’t very heavy, had little pockets, held about 70 oz worth of water, and even though it made my back a little sweatier and was annoying when i bent over sometimes (sliding up on my head), it was well worth it. I also sported the amazing overall shorts sometimes seen in the picture I posted last time and again this time….one of the only ways I could get my pants to stay up :) All those pregnancy pants fell down with all the movement I had to make, and the weight of a radio and felcos attached to my pockets. I had to rest a lot and really I just survived. I napped about every day when I got home, I just couldn’t get enough sleep.  I even managed a mid summer trip to Tennessee to visit my new nephew (see photos at the bottom with the longhorn steer…so southern ;) ) I started swelling a lot mid summer, but my OBGYN said that was totally normal. I tried to keep my feet up as much as I could but it did nothing. In August you could poke my legs and the indent would stay a while, it was gross, but again totally normal according to everyone. By midsummer I could only wear my hiking boots (which were very tight by days end) and my teva’s, and then just before having Pascal my Teva sandals could barely velcro around my gigantic feet.



My bloodpressures were great, all my office visits normal. I had a small scare with failing my first glucose test, but it was a false positive because for my second one I passed all 4 blood tests with flying colors. I must say, I was pretty nervous about that test, it was so long and getting poked 4 times in a morning and sitting without food in a crowded room bored out of my mind was torture. I thought this was going to be the most stressful part of my pregnancy going forward, but alas, it was not nearly the part of my health that was even remotely worrisome, and I was in for a lot more arm pokes in the near future….like 50. Overall I had a fun summer as a pregnant hortie, felt proud of my work building a giant tunnel out of Corylus americana (American Hazelnut) and grape vine for the kiddies to run through, and helping to redesign landscape beds and pick out plants to order, finally implementing annual bed designs from the previous year and seeing the fruit of our labor as the beds grew, flourished and impressed guests. Lots of veggies in the garden, and beautiful blooms abounded. Enjoyed the morning hummingbird sightings amoungst the pollinator garden flowers, foxes laying in fields, the coyotes running through the back 40, my raccoon friends walking out of the dumpster on the wood I put in to save them from the scary garbage truck, even laughing holding my tummy in for bouncy cushman rides. The teenage volunteers I helped lead were super cool and teaching them about plants, seeing them excited about harvesting veggies and making recipes like salsa and fresh edamame made the long days worth it. Guests asking about such and such plant, asking for help finding a specific specimine of a tree they wanted to plant in their yard to see If they liked it, kids pulling off my favorite flowers and throwing them around the garden….you know, the good stuff keeps you going :)



I truly enjoyed my work, and that is what I’m dwelling upon now, even though my life Is much much different. Mommyhood is my new job now, growing a human and helping his mind and body to develop, giving him as much love and cuddles as I possibly can. Watching him grow i’m sure will be the most rewarding job I’ll ever have. The summer was coming to a close and I just started thinking about what labor was going to be like. I really wasn’t prepared to have him 9 weeks before the day he was expected to come, but that’s what happened! One day I was at work, the next I was not and I never returned. The next posts will tell the story of a surprise ending to an already interesting pregnancy experience :)
Enjoy some pictures of the summers bounty that I had the privilege to help tend:

IMG_3258 IMG_3170 IMG_3307 IMG_3320 IMG_8768 patient husbandIMG_8786 IMG_8781

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