The Accident


not the best pic ever, but the first one where I felt little P could be seen poking out a little…taken around this time.

After an entire month of “normal” early pregnancy…you know, anticipating telling people, anticipating that beloved “12 week” safe mark where you can breathe a little easier, hoping to see evidence of growth in your belly, guessing if you are having cravings or just wanting food like a normal unhealthy person, getting really tired (I was super tired all the time), wanting to get maternity clothes but not justifying it because you totally still fit in your normal clothes for the most part…..BAM! Life smacked me in the face again. Well, not the face, more like the tail end of a 12 passenger van.

Up until this point in my life I had never been in even a minor traffic accident. I didn’t so much pride myself on that fact, because, let’s face it, I wasn’t the awesome driver, God just had 10 angels around my car at all times…but I was very thankful! When I was around 11 weeks pregnant I went for a plant pick up at a nursery about 45 mins to an hr away from my place of work in a large van. I was driving down a winding country road in unfamiliar territory when out of nowhere the car in front of me decides to slow down and make a left hand turn. I slam on my breaks and veer, and like a bolt of lightning the truck behind me smashes into me careening me into the ditch with 45 mph of unslowed, un-forgiving force not feet but INCHES away from a forest of trees, leaving me at an angle in the shallow ditch screaming for my life, and the life of my unborn child. At the time the only things running through my head were “This CANNOT be happening to me right now, and DON’T HIT THE TREES, DON’T HIT THE TREES, DON’T HIT THE TREES.” I knew that trees mean’t very possible death. I kept my wheel as straight as possible, deathgripped the wheel, held the brake down and screamed like a bat out of hell through the process and for minutes after. First of all, I was totally safe, and second, only by the sheer mercy and grace of my mighty God did I not hit a tree and die. The van was honking and making noises and I couldn’t make it stop, I was tipping over, and I couldn’t stop screaming. People came out of seemingly nowhere immediately (because well, I was IN the middle of nowhere). A man helped me open the door and get out, “ma’am you need to put the car in park” Ok! good idea. “ma’am calm down, stop screaming it’s ok”…I heard him but I couldn’t stop. I was screaming out of relief I think. Checking and rechecking that my lungs were working, that I was still here, and out of frustration that this happened to me in my work vehicle (really I should have been thankful it wasn’t mine!). As soon as I stopped screaming I felt overcome with guilt and fear of “messing up”, when clearly none of it was my fault and I should have been thinking of my body and breathing. I called my amazing boss right away, and she just tried to calm me down and jumped in her car, arriving later at the hospital way faster than was humanly possible. After a few seconds I blurted out, “I’m pregnant!” almost as if I was just realizing it myself. If people weren’t trying to be helpful before (which they were) they stepped it into high gear and I randomly got a chair put under me and a coke put in my hands (who thinks about drinking a coke when they can barely stop shaking? haha) and had a driver of a completely totaled truck freaking out apologizing to me profusely and looking like he might vomit from fear he may have just hurt a baby in my belly I honestly felt horrible for the man with his mode of transport ruined and his day just as ruined as mine. The ambulance arrived very quickly and a whole team of burly men in uniforms tried to convince me to go in the ambulance with them. I declined because I felt ok except for growing back pain and knew that all this could be very expensive…if not for me for my work’s insurance. Well it took them about 10 mins of checking me over to basically force me to get on their stretcher and be taken to the hospital. The kicker was one of the EMT’s saying, “my wife is just as pregnant as you are and she dang well would be going to the hospital to be checked out right now, you’re coming with us” Thats a paraphrase because I really don’t remember the exact words. They were all pretty cool on the ride there joking with me, let me use their phone, holding it up for me to leave my patient husband a message..”going to the hospital in an ambulance in the middle of the country 2 hours from you, i’m ok!” Ha, great message to receive from a pregnant wife i’m sure. I became pretty calm, IV may have helped? One of the noobies gave me the IV and was being “tested”, made me feel really good about it (not) but i tried to be lighthearted. I gave him an “A”, but when he pulled me out of the ambulance he rammed my bed into the door, and after I jokingly said “Good thing I wasn’t actually dying haha!” his supervisor downgraded him to a C….oops.  My back hurt terribly, but somehow I knew deep down that bity baby was totally fine…and you know what, he was. He was too small to do some of the normal monitoring they might do, but after sitting in a hospital room YET again for many hours, this time with my super cool boss lady who chatted with me the whole time as I was still strapped to a hard piece of plastic, they determined all to be well and sent me off making sure I reported anything “unusual” if i felt bad later.

Ok bity baby, you REALLY are a survivor. After a second traumatic experience I was pretty sure that this baby was very much supposed to make an appearance in this world and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him. I was and am so thankful that I was driving such a huge vehicle that absorbed most of the impact, that the trees stayed inches away instead of in the vehicle crushing my body, that people came so quickly to help me, that I had the best boss in the world whose first priority was me and wasn’t concerned with any work related things or property, that Patient Husband had a friend to bring him to my work to be able to drive me home, that bity baby and I were fine and just had a shake up (and back injury requiring 7 weeks of PT..ha). Thankfulness begets joy, even in trauma. I was learning to thank the Lord for all life’s moments, the sweet and bitter…because “Should I accept good from You, and not trouble” (Job 2:10), and as Ann Voskamp says “When I realize that is it not God who is in my debt but I who am in His great debt, then doesn’t all become gift? For he might not have (given me another day)”
….After getting home and not driving for a few days life seemed to return to “normal”, little did I know this time it would only take a week for life to smack me in the face again.


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  1. Heather Price on said:

    Nice cliffhanger this time! I think P needs a Mighty Mouse costume, what with his strength and determination :)

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