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How did I go from terribly heartbroken, in need of my son, visit him at all costs momma to this over tired don’t-wanna-rock-and-sing-no-more-go-to-sleep-now-you’re-driving-me-nuts momma? Easy. We forget pain. Or at least in my case I laid my burdens at His feet, he carried them away and i’m left with shadows and prints of what once was my worst nightmare. I no longer dwell on my days away from Pascal, his premature taking from my womb, partly because well, he is definitely HERE right now, needing me every moment, and mostly because time and the love of my Heavenly Father, often times shown through others, brought healing and clarity. It seems once we forget our pain and the lessons we’ve learned opaque in our memory, even the smaller trials frazzle us. It’s my daily mission to “need Thee every hour”, to call upon to Lord to right my attitude and ready my will and patience to face anything motherhood throws at me.
I will continue to write portions of Pascal’s birth story on here, but threaded between writings on horticulture, on taking care of a quickly growing baby boy, on thoughts about God, and on whatever other musings I find. This blog is a direct expression of me, i just summed it up as horticulture and being a mom because that’s a lot of who I am now. Even reducing my identity to two things (which is clearly a grand understatement of what makes me me) i’m sure will render a whole smattering of topics for me to babble on about. I invite you to read, comment, enjoy and share. Dont’ mind if i’m slow to update because the funny thing is, one must live the life first before setting out to write about it.

(note: it will rarely, if ever be my goal to be grammatically correct. I don’t have the time or drive, and i’m writing what I think as I think it)

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  1. Very fun, glad to see you can keep your love of horticulture alive while enjoying new loves too :)

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